PUMA keeps the celebration going by honoring its hip-hop heritage with the Suede 50 Breakdance Cities Pack. The suede was one of the top silhouette’s of the 80’s breakdance scene that bubbled all over New York.  With its plush suede, dope colorways and thick rubber soles with grip that doesn’t slip on dancefloors, cardboard and concrete, it became a B-boy and B-girl style essential.  PUMA would go on to sponsor the movie BEAT STREET and the shoe would go on to reach iconic status.

With the Suede 50 Breakdance Cities pack PUMA pays  respect to the four most influential breakdancing cities worldwide: New York, Berlin, Paris, and Seoul. PUMA give props to these cities that have kept B-boy culture alive, tracing back to the Bronx, its birthplace, across the pond in Paris where the subculture went onto mainstream media then finding the breaks in Berlin. Eventually, the culture permeated to the Far East, making a major splash in Seoul.

In four distinct colorways, each Suede Classic is embossed with a graphic treatment that celebrates its respective city and each pair has a matching tee. All come come in junior, preschool and infant sizes as well. Complementing the kicks are Breakdance Tees each bearing the city name.

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