Most of you are probably scratching your head right now on who exactly Peter Max is and how he could have possibly inspired anything from BAPE or adidas so lets just get to it.  Peter Max is a pop artist that appeared on the cover of Life magazine in 1969.

His artwork has been licensed to over 72 + companies but as far as footwear go he’s known for shoes that were WAY ahead of their time.  They featured dope color’s and even better graphics.  What really stood out though -especially for the time- was how he incorporated his pop art directly into the midsole -something that was ground breaking at the time-.


Which brings us to the BAPE  x adidas Dame 4 collab shoe.  No remember this, BAPE is well versed in American pop culture and fashion.  With that said here you a have a great looking shoe that looks to have POSSIBLY drawn some inspiration from these classic Peter Max gem’s.


According to Sneaker Freaker “Both the black and green versions will be releasing to the public, while the red is slated for an exclusive friends and family release.” No release date yet but here’s a question.  Do you think these BAPE x adidas were inspired by Peter Max? Vote below!