I’ve always had a weird relationship with the Nike Shox line. On one hand I’ve always loved the whole concept of “springs” in your shoes and the whole marketing campaign behind them. On the other hand most Shox never looked good on my feet. With that said over the years there have been a few pairs of Shox that have graced the collection but as many dope models as there are in the archive, one would assume there would have been way more. Oh well. Moving a long we have here a crowd favorite in the Nike Shox TL. This $150.00 2003 drop featured a mesh upper with TPU injected overlays and full silly lacing system for the upper, a midsole that included 11 independent Nike Shox columns with a TPU top and bottom plate to provide housing for the columns and an outsole that featured a full length injected waffle outsole designed for both wet and dry surfaces. Overall the shoes design was ” designed for the runner who wants to move into the future of cushioning in running shoes with a premier cushioning system briefed, designed and developed by Nike top shelf shoe experts. In other words this was one of Nike’s top running shoes for 2003 and quite possibly one of the best running shoes of 2003. Thoughts? Check them out below and drop a comment.