Andre Agassi’s back home at Nike and since then, fans of the Tech Challenge line have eagerly been anticipating the possibilities that await. Made popular by the mullet wearing rock n’ roll tennis star, the Tech Challenge line began in 1988 running into the early 90’s. The line first returned in 2000 with the retro of the Tech Challenge IV, then again in 2006 with the Tech Challenge III. The last retro from the Tech Challenge lineage came in 2008 with the Tech Challenge II. Kanye West confused the hell out of the worlds youth by implementing the Tech Challenge II sole into the Yeezy II (a shoe that released 23 years after the Tech Challenge II) in 2013 and since then, speculation about a Tech II’s return begun. Unannounced, Nike did bring back the Tech Challenge II this year with a special limited run for both Wimbledon and the US Open. Since future releases have already surfaced, let’s take a look back at ten Tech Challenge shoes that should retro.

The Original Tech Challenge I
To date this shoe has never re-released. With the re-signing of Andre, something says that’s about to change.


Nike Tech Challenge III ¾ White/Black/ Voltage Purple
Just an FYI, the ¾ references the cut of the shoe not the actual name. With that out of the way, the 2006 retro of the Tech Challenge III was an absolute disappointment. Gone was the flaming tennis ball, black paint on the heel, speckled midsole and flames around the collar. In other words they looked unfinished.


Nike Tech Challenge III ¾ White/Black-Hot Lime, Neo Teal
Once again, the retro did this shoe no justice. Watered down sums up the 2006 re-issue, lets hope if and when there’s a second release, things are done right.

Nike Tech Challenge II ¾ White/Blue/Infrared
Ditching the lava with what looked like digital tennis balls this colorway was super popular in 1990 and very difficult to track down today. Long overdue for a retro.


Nike Tech Challenge II ¾ White/Clay-Tart
The first retro was released in limited numbers and prices have soared for DS pairs. Both John McEnroe and Andre sported this colorway. With the Lava’s slated to return, re-re-releasing the tarts would only be right.

Nike Tech Challenge IV Black/Marina, Clear Turqoise
The Tech challenge IV hasn’t seen a retro since the year 2000. This was one, if not thee, most desirable colorways of the IV and guess what? It has never seen a retro.

Nike Tech Challenge IV White-Kiwi-Persian Violet-Bright Mandarin
This colorway retro’d back in 2000 and rotted on shelves, the world just wasn’t ready for the fourth installment of the Tech Challenge to return. Well, it’s a new world and we’re ready.


Nike Tech Challenge IV Black-White-Dark Grape-Cerise
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With the request of the previous two colors you couldn’t leave this classic colorway sitting on the sidelines. Complete with the black suede to cap, these are beyond fresh.


Nike Tech Challenge II Low white/hot lava/black/zen grey
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With the Tech Challenge II ¾ ‘s return, a low top release is logical and few low top colorways are as nice as the hot lava zen grey’s.

Nike Tech Challenge II Low White/Black FT Jade Cement Grey
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If you remember the OG’s then you definitely remember this colorway. One of the few colorway’s to feature colored plastics and no lava. Please Nike?