If you’re into vintage gear (which we know you are) then you know Chalk Line. The company hit its peak in the earlier part of the 90’s before eventually folding. Thankfully, two of the gentlemen behind the Ewing Athletics revival (David Goldberg and Ilan Friedman) are bringing the brand back for 2014. During their initial run, Chalkline produced everything from crewnecks to jackets but built their legacy on satin jackets that featured large graphic prints of players, teams, pro wrestlers, cartoon characters etc. on the back. Prices on the secondary market (mainly fashion forums and eBay) can vary from 80 USD on the lower end, to a wallet hurting 400 USD for a very desirable piece. In celebration of the brands return lets take a look at 10 Chalkline jackets we hope to see return.

MJ chalkline
Michael Jordan
Image Via Fruitonlv
MJ was in his prime during this jackets release. Match this up with, well pretty much anything Jordan and it’s a go.

ultimate warrior chalkline
Ultimate Warrior
Image Via Fruitonlv
The Ultimate Warrior screaming whats probably obscenities on the back of your jacket? Sign us up.

hulk chalkline
Hulk Hogan
Image Via Radvintage
You couldn’t do the Ultimate Warrior and not the Hulk. As one of the most recognized figures in wrestling this would be a must for your Chalkline collection.

Miami Hurricanes
Image Via Coatsofarmsnyc
The Miami Hurricanes Pelican logo is by far one of the best. Throw this on and relive the 2 Live Crew days.

San Francisco 49ers
Image via Chalklineapparel
Ever since you picked up your Diamond Turf retro’s in the OG 49er’s colorway you’ve been looking for something to match, well look no further.

giants chalkline

New York Giants
Image via swgnt
This jacket not only features dope graphics but its historic. It features a 90’s era NYC skyline that immediately brings you back to better days.

dream team 1992 chalkline
1992 Dream Team
Image Via Mrthrowback
Hmmmm…….the greatest basketball team of all time on one jacket? Sign us up.

batman chalkline
Image via lookbook
It may be a little adolescent but no one, I repeat no one is too cool for a Batman jacket. Throw it on with the recent Japanese version Converse x Batman All Star and you’re good money.

patrick ewing chalkline
Patrick Ewing
Image via Chalklineapparel
Pat is that dude. Sure, he never brought home a ring but he’ll go down as one of the greatest big men to ever do it. Throw these on with some 33 Hi’s and it’s a wrap.

charlotte hornets chalkline

Charlotte Hornets
Image Via Foralltoenvy
Charlotte Hornets gear was big in the early 90’s and for good reason. Aside from the dope logo and nice bright purple and teal colorblocking the Hornets had a solid lineup for a short time in Larry Johnson, Alonzo Mourning and Muggsy Bogues. Match this jacket with the recent Converse Aero Jam release and even Grandmama wouldn’t be mad at you.