FUBU might be a distant memory for some but its a brand that no doubt has returned -somewhat- full circle. If you’ve read Daymond Johns book ‘Display Of Power, How Fubu Changed a World Of Fashion’ then you know the humble beginnings, the struggle, the drive and the luck that all came together to bring the world one of the most iconic brands of all time.

Most people don’t know that FUBU actually started off as BUFU (sorry folks that term didn’t originate in the movie How High ***you can read that story in Display Of Power) and it wasn’t until they were down south and someone told them what BUFU stood for down there that they changed the name to FUBU.

Eventually LL Cool J would go on to endorse the brand and even Plug them in a GAP commercial (unbeknownst to The Gap)

As the years progressed there were FUBU shoes, boots and even music videos

Eventually the brand fizzled out in the states but like all great things there has been a revisit into 90’s fashion and a renewed interest in the brand which leads us to this PUMA x FUBU collection.

The collection includes a special FUBU suede, the PUMA x FUBU Men’s T7 Track Jacket and Pants taking on the iconic silhouette with the 7cm red stripe on the sides in black velour. Both pieces feature a PUMA x FUBU satin twill applique and a “What Will Your Legacy Look Like” patch on the back and FUBU x PUMA Tee in white with a large PUMA x FUBU rubberized screen print applique on the chest,

For the ladies, the PUMA x FUBU Women’s T7 Track Jacket comes in black french terry with a red 7cm stripe on the sides, large PUMA x FUBU satin twill applique on the back, gold foil PUMA No 1 Logo on the chest, FUBU “What Will Your Legacy Look Like” patch on the back in combination with the PUMA x FUBU Women’s T7 Track Pants and PUMA x FUBU Women’s Baby Tee.

Get the PUMA x FUBU capsule collection on PUMA.com and leading sneaker retailer worldwide January 26th.