Jordan Brand has begun a very long over due journey to catalog every Jordan shoe in every color way ever created and is looking for the community to help.    As an example, Jordan Brand apparently has only two OG color way’s of the III and is missing the True Blue III and Fire Red III.


So, if you have one or both ORIGINAL 1988 releases then post photo’s to Instagram and hashtag #AirJordanCollection.   Its a great way to connect with the brand you love and lets hope that Jordan Brand rewards those that contribute with more than just a shout out -for a company to add to its archive is not only expensive and very time consuming but sometimes nearly impossible.

Also, the only negative thing about this epic archive project is that while you’ll get most of the story of Jordan’s footwear history you won’t get the ENTIRE story. What I mean by this is that while this archive  tells of two sneakers Michael Jordan wore before he wore his own signature line of shoes -The Air Ship from Nike and Converse (which is owned by Nike)

it will not school you on the brands that Michael Jordan wore BEFORE Converse and Nike such as wearing Pro-Keds on the All-American Highschool Basketball Team  and adidas in high school and during the Olympic Trials.

Still, the archive thus far is impressive (i’m sure it will only get better) and If you would like more info or view what they have thus far you can check it out now Via JORDAN BRAND