If you’ve been with this site for a long time then you know I’ve been nudging for the return of Tommy Hilfiger’s extensive vault of dope gear to be revived dating back to 2010 and it appears as though someone from the company has finally wised up to the fact that their past designs are their future’s gold. It begun last year with a few tamed down pieces by the way of Flag Tee’s and crewneck’s, Basketball Jersey’s and book bags

and now they have taken things one step further with the return of some of their more bold designs from the early 90’s (although nothing close to the REAL gems they have waiting in the cut).

With the recent return of the Stadium collection from RL, Karl Kani’s retro product return and now Hilfiger it appears that the battle of the brands that occurred in the early to mid 90’s is in full swing some 20 years later and you can’t help but feel all warm and tingly inside. Now, maybe someone at Hilfiger will smarten up and retro the famous rugby Grand Puba wore in Fat Joe’s ‘Watch The Sound’ video.