Pizza Hut has done thee unimaginable.  They’ve actually created a shoe that some people are beasting over that isn’t a Yeezy.  Better yet, they’ve also gotten FILA alumni Grant Hill on board to wear this ultra limited shoe in their most recent commercial.

Each pair of shoes reportedly contains a Blutooth device that syncs up with the Pizza Hut mobile app which allows users to order a pre-selected pizza (or the default Supreme Pizza) just by pressing on the shoe’s tongue (Watch Out Reebok). The sneakers are also fitted with geo-location technology that allows deliverymen to find customers wherever they are.

So, now to the important info, where to buy?  Well, if you need a pair of these to add to your collection don’t get to excited. According to an interview with Ad Age, a spokesman for Pizza Hut says “the company will only be giving away 64 pairs of their hand stitched pattern stamped leather Pie Tops–and very few of those will find their way to the general public.”

With that said, hat tip to the Pizza Hut marketing team for doing something dope.  Check them out below via stills from Pizza Hut’s YouTube Channel.