The golden era for sneakers may vary from shoe head to shoe head but for me it has and always will be from 1988-1993. More gems released in those 5 years (IMO) than in any other time period. More specifically, if there was one year I could go back to it would be 1991. Why? Because footwear from the previous three years was still on the shelves as was the gems from that year. Well, someone just uploaded the motherload to YouTube. A show called Shop Tour that apparently aired during the golden era of kicks provided for a crazy in depth look at some of the most significant models of the day (which just so happen to be some of the most significant kicks of today.)


The only difference is you will see them in their OG glory brand new in color way’s you may or may not remember. Check out one of these classic video’s below and make sure to subscribe. Via SinnerP NikeTalk