PUMA is celebrating the 10th anniversary of Sneakers76 -the cult sneaker shop that was founded in 2006  in Taranto, Italy and that has quickly become a point of reference for all Italian sneakers lovers thanks to passion, quality and experience- featuring an exclusive version of the iconic sneaker, Blaze of Glory -A running sneaker from the Trinomial family born in the early nineties -.

Being that this is such an important anniversary they’ve created a limited edition capsule collection created in collaboration with four international brands, including PUMA, with the aim interpreting the stories, legends and symbols of Taranto, Puglia ancient and fascinating cities.

For the new Blaze of Glory iteration, PUMA and Sneakers76 chose story “The Legend of the Dolphin” and the symbol as inspiration. Ancient legends tell that Taranto was founded by the god Taras, son of Poseidon. During a sea-voyage, Taras was shipwrecked off the coast of Taranto and was rescued by a dolphin. To thank Poseidon for coming to his aid through that dolphin, Taras founded the city of Taranto. Today, the sea of Taranto is populated by dolphins. When you approach the city from the sea, you can see that the dolphins accompany the sailing ships towards the entrance of the Gulf of Taranto.

The PUMA x Sneakers76 Blaze of Glory SOFT have premium suede uppers with colors that take cues from the dolphin depicted on the Taranto city emblem, lace guards that come in suede brown while the numbers of pairs are marked in gold on the heels. The emblem of Taranto city is etched in gold and situated on the heels as well. Depicting the color of the wave crests is the white midsole with ‘water drop’ effetcs and the Sea Blue color of the outer sole. Finishing off the sneaker design is a sockliner with the PUMA and Sneakers76 logos embossed in leather.

Exclusive for Sneakers76, each pair of shoes will have an amazing looking History Box 03/04 from the saga “A Tale Through Stories, Legends and Symbols of our Teritory”. Created to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Sneakers76, the four boxes book together make up an encyclopedia. Inside the History Box a cleaning kit supported by Jason Markk, BOOM.

Releasing on December 17th in Sneakers76 and select sneaker retailers globally get prepared now to have a chance to scoop one of the best looking Blaze of Glory’s ever created16aw_pr_sp_pumaxsneakers76_legend-of-the-dolphin_01 16aw_pr_sp_pumaxsneakers76_legend-of-the-dolphin_02 16aw_pr_sp_pumaxsneakers76_legend-of-the-dolphin_03 16aw_pr_sp_pumaxsneakers76_legend-of-the-dolphin_04 16aw_pr_sp_pumaxsneakers76_legend-of-the-dolphin_05



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