Initially kicked off by UGG for Men brand ambassador, Tom Brady, for the Fall 2016 season to showcase how he spends his off-duty moments, the trend of posting photos ‘Doing Nothing’ in UGG slippers has spread. Encouraging everyone to kick back in style and share it on social media
Deiondre Hall, David Johnson, Donovan SmithD.J. Humphries, Daquan Jones, Danny Woodhead and Zach Miller are the latest NFL players to follow in Tom Brady’s footsteps and share on social media how they upgrade their downtime and ‘Do Nothing’. Make no mistake this isn’t the first time NFL players have teamed up as part of a campaign for a company known primarily for their boots – in the 1970’s & 80’s O.J. Simpson and Joe Namath were part of an extended campaign for the now defunct DINGO brand – but it is the first time in recent memory as well as the first time for the UGG brand – and Dingo boots certainly didn’t look this clean. Thoughts? Drop a line below, check out the fliks below and check out the mens UGG line up now at UGG