This is it folks, the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Its arguably the most significant sneaker release ever- a Nike Mag that self laces.

How do you secure a pair?

Well, if you don’t know you can enter via a 10 dollar donation per ticket to enter Nike’s raffle.

You can also enter without paying anything by filling out a form and mailing it in (although it is in my opinion that you should do the right thing and donate something).

They will also supposedly be auctioned off at a gala fundraiser for Michael J Fox’s foundation.

Of course this all points to a shoe that is still very limited in availability and super expensive for anyone that wants to own them (and does not win them via the raffle) but does this moment in sneaker culture represent the absolute pinnacle in demand? What happens when auto lacing has lost its allure? Sure, companies will continue to push the envelope and fuse technological advances with modern design but as far as retro’s go it could mean the absolute beginning of a steep decline in demand. We’ve already seen more retro release’s sitting on store shelves to ultimately arrive at deep discounts and while there has been somewhat of an attempt to improve quality of yesteryears classics the reality is there is a long way to get them just right. Whether it be defects, lack of attention to detail or banana shapes it seems like something always takes away from a shoe that has been highly anticipated -maybe a decline in retro demand will actually bring back an increase in quality. Regardless, with this most recent release one things for sure, we are taking a step forward into the future of our community. We will have officially seen it all (or atleast 90% of it if you don’t include some shoes that haven’t seen a retro or proper one at that). Yup, it will sure be interesting to see what the retro shoe market will look like in 10 years but by no means am I – or anyone for that matter- in a rush.

nike-mag-2016-official-07_square_1600 nike-mag-2016-official-08_square_1600 nike-mag-2016-official-06_square_1600