Ahhhhhhhh The Lampin.  I owned a pair back in 1993.



It was a shoe that went with me everywhere, I wore them without a care in the world and they held up like few shoes have since.  They had a distinct look and were nice and comfy.  Over the years finding a pair in a size 12 has been nothing short of impossible (in black and green) with the only retro models to date being through Supreme back in 2013 (no black and green retro for that year) and Japan last year.  Well, Vans has quietly brought back the Lampin, a shoe that has held a cult like following.  Color blocking on this current release isn’t the most highly desirable although it shouldn’t be to difficult for a customization.  Also missing of course the “made in the USA” tag on the heel which we will most likely never see again.  If you missed out on the Supreme release and the Japanese release then pick up a pair now at VANS.

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