The Y-3 Retro Boost is supposed to represent “modernism functioning at its highest form, ‘less is more’ made into a tangible, real life concept. The reality is if you REALLY want “less is more” you’d probably be walking barefoot. The name a lone says ‘retro’ so while the look of the shoe is bang up to date there is definitely a retro component of the shoe. If you are a big fan of the Nike Air Flow and or Nike Sock Racer then you will notice some similarities (keep in mind both shoes released nearly 3 decades ago) which makes you wonder if the Retro Boost was inspired by both of these shoes. Either way, Yamamoto did re-interpret these older designs (that in their own respect were light years ahead of their time) for adidas and bring it into the future with modern tech and a vibrant colorful print. If you want a sneaker that is super comfortable, finely crafted and visually stunning then look no further than the Y-3 Retro Boost multi color which is sure to make it to many ‘best of’ sneaker lists by years end. Available now at BODEGA.