The beef is real, or maybe not. Either way Puma has aimed to hit the women’s market in a Yeezy like manner and they have been successful thus far. Well, the winning streak looks to continue with their latest shoe named “The Fenty Trainer”. A sort of hybrid between a running shoe and a cross training shoe that looks like it could even pass for a training shoe found in the boxing ring. They feature a finely crafted modern design,a tongue that looks like its bordering on a shin protector, an upper constructed from Ariaprene, -an advanced form of neoprene for a secure yet breathable fit,  and a TPU Kurim cage with fully reflective underlay.

The Fenty Trainer also features a full length flex groove, additional heel thickness on medial and lateral sides support fast and dynamic multi-directional movement and solid rubber outsole pods providing full ground contact and traction without weighing you down. Make no mistake this is a shoe that people will beast over and the sort of fashion forward design that aims to carve out a line for Puma to make some serious head way in the women’s sneaker market. Well done Puma, well done. Available February 26, 2016 at select retailers. Via Sneakernews & Puma

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