In the early 90’s brands like Apex, Starter, Triple Fat Goose and of course Chalkline battled it out for Jacket supremacy. Few however really could hang with Chalklines stunning Fanimation jackets which featured amazing large graphics on the back of the jackets coupled with great detailing with all types of licenses to make all types of Jackets. From Mickey Mouse to the Michael Jordan to of course the WWE, Chalkline was where it was at. Fast forward to 2016 and the brand is back with one of their biggest collab’s to date. Back is Chalkline’s Macho Man and Ultimate warrior jackets. The jackets feature a better fit than the original and the same in your face graphics you fell in love with the first time. Get them now for a limited time through the SHOP.WWE (ULTIMATE WARRIOR) (MACHO MAN)) and through CHALKLINE.COM