Image via Damon Winter/The New York Times

Love him or hate him Kanye West has commanded center stage, so much so that Martin Shkreli is trying to feed off of it by way of a 15 million dollar offer to buy Kanye’s latest album so that no one else can hear it (another story all together). Still, for anyone not caught up in the hype it was apparent that Kanye West created some type of pitre dish of all things Kanye in one room for the unveiling of Yeezy Season 3 that was part good, bad and just straight up weird. NY Mag’s article may have summed it up pretty well for the most part but for those not attached to Kanye by way of a hype filled umbilical cord its good to keep an open mind. The same can be said for his fan boys. Ask yourself this, would you wear his shoes and or clothing if it were carried at Urban Outfitter in massive quantities? On the opposite side you have to ask if his footwear at least is all that bad? Overrated maybe, but bad? Not quite. Keep it locked to adidas for more info.