What do you get when you combine the Reebok Pump and Nike Command Force? You get these early 90’s Voit Pumps. In the 90’s Voit was known for sports equipment like soccer balls and protective gear but they also pumped out (pun intended) some low budget sneakers. As you can see one of these sneakers was a pump shoe that knocked off the Reebok Pump. You can now add this Voit pump to the list of companies not named Reebok that featured Pump shoes. Check out these rarities below and make sure to hit the links below to see all the other Non-Reebok Pump shoes. Images via eBay.

Aero Shoe Corporation Inflatable Shoe

Nike Air Pressure

Nike Air Command Force

Nike Air 180 Pump

Adidas XTR Tubular

L.A. Gear Regulator

Spalding Typhoon

USA Olympics Pump

Troop Pump

Jox Pulsator Pump