The Ewing Rogue was a European release from the early 90’s and with that its been very difficult to find OG pairs (and even photo’s for that matter) of some of the color way’s of various models from the initial release.  Which brings us to this rare photo of the original Black Red color way.  All the major sneaker blogs have reported these to be an original color way but with no photo’s to prove this some collector’s have begun to speculate it might have been a way to sell sneakers without factual.  I can however, put that question to sleep with this photo of an Original Pair of Black/Red/Pewter Grey Ewing Rogues below.  You can see there was some alteration between the original and the retro as far as color blocking but overall the look and feel of the OG is a live and well.  How do you feel about them?  Wish they kept the OG look? Maybe even pre-yellowed them?  Check them out below and drop a comment!


Original Ewing Rogue Black/Red/Pewter 1994

Ewing Rogue Original


Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 11.13.06 PM

Ewing Rogue Black/Red/Pewter 2014 Retro