Nah, chill son. Ok, so there is no bigger news than the return of the Nike Mag with functioning auto laces,


the hand written letter to Michael J Fox by Tinker Hatfield,


Mike being the first person in the world with them

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 11.36.08 PM

and Mike showing up with Christopher Lloyd in a Delorean decked out as Mcfly but I will say this. For most of 10/21/15 it was all about Pepsi’s epic social media fail and then late day save by way of an announced restock come November. Even with bottles of the beloved soft drink selling for 500 + on eBay now (retail was $20.15) the sneaker world was in awe, sad, happy and disappointed all within a matter of seconds. When Nike officially confirmed that yes the Air Mag would return with Auto Lacing you realized the future was here, the biggest release was now, or maybe not. Nike went on to explain that for now the Air Mag would be confined to auction only for spring of 2016 with all proceeds going to the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research (the same deal as in 2011).

Its a beautiful thing, it really is but for many fans that don’t have the means to do so, its just confirmation that any plans of owning these in the near future are pretty much DOA. How do you feel about this news? Think Nike should have mass produced them? Make sure to vote below!