Michael Jordan, the greatest basketball player EVER steps out in a Jordan Brand x Supreme collab shirt with the photo taken by non other than Terry Richardson. Its a combination of the most epic moment for Supreme and the most hypebeast moment for Mike but a collaboration of epic proportions nonetheless. The shoe release has already been deaded for NYC because of the unavoidable chaos that will ensue and its ultimately the combination of the most hyped up footwear company and the most hyped up streetwear company to create quite possibly the most hyped up collection anyone has ever seen. While all this is fine and dandy you have to tip your hat to Nike and JB. Over the years Mike has developed a persona of a dad jeans wearing golfer (not something you want embedded in the brains of the younger generation especially for the greatest basketball player of all time) but this paints Mike in a different light, a more approachable relatable youthful light and for that JB deserves a high five. If you haven’t already, check out the flik below and drop a comment on your feelings about it!