In a sub culture where anyone with a few bucks can declare themselves a sneaker head it can be tough to decipher who exactly is doing it out of a genuine love and who is doing it because its the “in thing” to do. Further, you have to do a little more digging for the OG’s; the guys that were collecting sneakers when family and friends were staging an intervention and thought they were crazy, when the online community was small (and you did your daily site visits to AL BUNDY’S SOCIETY, SHOETRENDS or NIKEPARK ) and ultimately the guys that know this subculture in and out because it was built off their backs. Guys like Chad Jones aka Sneaker Galactus,

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 5.10.00 PM

a man that has amassed a collection of sneakers that makes you want to knock them all off their shelves and do the Scrooge McDuck dive into them. Check out a feature on his collection below!