Here’s a shocker, the lightning print Presto didn’t sell well upon its initial release, but like many shoes from the past they’re back with a vengeance. When The Nike Air Presto originally released back in 2000 it was ground breaking. The Presto was super lightweight, super comfy, competitively priced with futuristic looks and sizing like that of a t shirt (which (no surprise) is exactly what they were marketed as (a t shirt for your feet)). They came in a bunch of color way’s and even patterns (making there way to NikeID at one point) and competitively priced. For one reason or another though they weren’t the high in demand shoe they are today. No, instead you were able to score pairs for 20, 10 and in some cases for 5 dollars. They seemed to have taken a breather for some time until around 2009 when Nike brought back a few simple colors, but once again they hit the sales racks (although not nearly as bad as its initial release). Fast forward to 2015 and well times have changed. With resale prices for the lightning’s alone fetching 2-400 Nike picked the perfect time to release these historically under appreciated (by the masses) shoe in all its OG Glory. This time however, don’t expect them to hit any sales rack. Available 6/20 on