Look, I think we’ve all been guilty of  inching the value of our sneakers just a tad higher than what the market is willing to pay and that’s fine.  But sometimes, there’s those dudes that get happy with the zero key and take the term “dirty reseller” and turn it into “!%^& that guy”.  The flipside to that are the people that heard from a friend of a friend that a pair of vintage Jordan’s or super limited run Yeezy 2’s sold for 3 grand and therefore immediately believe they are sitting on a rubber gold mine. Usually you can spot these individuals very easy, but sometimes they speak so confident about what they don’t know you start to question yourself. Luckily, eBay brings to light these individuals as they will usually have a shoe (new or vintage) up for sale on eBay at a laughable price. DeFY New York is here to put ten eBay sellers over priced sneakers on blast.



Nike Air Gamma Flight $9,999.00 or best offer


I’ll be honest, the Air Gamma Flight doesn’t show up very often but to assume that this less than desirable shoe from the 90’s (not the 80’s as is described in the listing) is somehow worth even one percent of the asking prices is comical. The icing on the cake? Free shipping.



Nike Air Zoom Vapor RF 287 $5,999.99


Ahhhh the Zoom Vapor 9 Tour RF numbered to 287 pairs worldwide. Sure it’s a rare shoe, and Federer is one hell of an athlete but the guys that are spending big bucks on rare shoes aren’t doing so for a Vapor IX. Remember, If you can’t flip these at $1,200 you certainly won’t be able to sell them at 6k.



Nike Air Force 1 Insideout Pacquiao Filipino 2006 $3,999.99



This 2006 release isn’t easy to track down these days but fair market value on these is in the 300-400 range, not the 3-4000 range. Manny, is that you?



Nike Air Jordan IV Laser Black $1,699.99



Price is dictated by demand, and demand says these are worth no more than about 700 USD.



Nike Air Jordan VIII Phoenix Owned by Michael Vick




Oh Mike, how did this seller talk you into this joke? Let’s see, take a 180.00 shoe, slap Michael Vicks ownership to it and autograph and somehow that makes the shoe worth $1500? Right. With the Jordan VIII Phoenix colorway selling for around 150-200 and Vicks Autograph commanding in the 180-350 range this seller has some splaining to do.  Oh and no, this isn’t a listing for charity.



Nike Air Max 95 Leather 1999 Release White Midnight Navy


Nineteen ninety nine was a good year for Air Max 95 releases. They featured the larger air units, nice materials for the uppers and stayed in tune with the original 1995 release. There’s one little problem however, a lot of AM’s from this time period are no longer wearable. Add in the fact that this colorway wasn’t particularly sought after and the fact that not even the original colors command anything close to this and yea, comedy.



Nike Air Jordan V Retro Set


How do you try to sell 6-700 dollar’s worth of sneakers for 1200? Bundle them together and pray someone doesn’t know any better.



Nike Air Jordan IV Retro + Columbia Blue 1999 $1,079.99



Its funny to think that when this shoe originally dropped back in 1999 no one wanted them. They wound up at outlets for about 20 bucks and hung around for a few years. Once quality of newer products fell off the price and demand for these increased. Looking back they weren’t that bad but nothing close to 1k and completed listings show that.



Nike Air Jordan V “Bel-air” $1,000.00



The Bel-Air V’s were a limited run loosely inspired by the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air show that ran from 1990-1996. Prices typically run anywhere from 350-450 not a 1k.



Nike Air Jordan XXIII Red Black $999.99


What was supposed to be the last installment in the numbered Jordan series actually wasn’t. Still the XXIII was a special shoe that looked and felt great. The only problem here? These don’t command 1,000 or for that matter anything close. These a long with the motorsports usually fetch in the 180-300 range these days.