I’ll never forget the look of the Old woman sitting next to me when I took these sneakers out of a briefcase. Then she mumbled to either me or herself sneakers in a briefcase thats crazy, crazy indeed and so was the 200.00 retail price. These were the First sneakers that I know of that came with a DVD as well. The Jordan XVII is legendary, good looks, comfort. The lace covers were a waste, as they were very difficult to get on and off, especially with your foot in the shoe but I did like the lace locks. The one gripe I had about the shoe was the leather used. After only a few wears these would begin to look like they took a beating, not something you look for in a 200.00 pair of sneakers. Also, the soles of the shoes which came up by the midsole (white area) attracted dirt like no ones business. Nonetheless the sneaker is a work of art. They run true to size, and prices for these have climbed in the 3-400 dollar range. Below are pictures from the DeFY. New York Photo Vault enjoy 🙂