Ahhhh yes pump fans, we have discovered yet another pump shoe.  If you follow the site then you know that over the years I’ve discovered a bunch of obscure pump shoes from various brands that aren’t Reebok (some of them you are already familiar with).

The list is as follows:

Aero Shoe Corporation Inflatable Shoe

Nike Air Pressure

Nike Air Command Force

Nike Air 180 Pump

Adidas XTR Tubular

L.A. Gear Regulator

Spalding Typhoon

USA Olympics Pump

Troop Pump

Jox Pulsator Pump

Voit Pump Sneakers

and now you can add these rarities from Franklin sports


Named the Intimidator they featured an “Air Fit Technology System” aka a pump. The pump mechanism was on the tongue similar to that of the Reebok Pump and the leather looked cheap but apparently very durable because there is no cracking or stickiness on them.

s-l1600-13 s-l1600-15 s-l1600-16 s-l1600-17 s-l1600-18 s-l1600-19If you collect pump sneakers then this is definitely one you’ll want to add to the collection.  Available now on eBay