PUMA and Boston-area designer / producer Frank The Butcher and B.A.U. (Business As Usual) have cooked up a collection that looks nothing short of a modern day interpretation of the best of late 90’s early 2000’s fashion with modern fits and materials.

The collaborative collection titled “Eat what you kill” was envisioned by Boston-area native Frank The Butcher and consists of an apparel capsule and fresh takes on two PUMA icons: the PUMA Blaze of Glory and PUMA R698. Each piece incorporates the B.A.U. signature color palette of black, white and gold, and distinct EWYK detailing.

Frank The Butcher’s steadfast belief that everything should be earned, never taken is applied to all of his endeavors, resulting in a cohesive body of work and message across all mediums. With its partnership with PUMA, B.A.U. delivers a full, cohesive lifestyle concept.

Frank says “I’m a product of my environment. At the same time, as a young man I was focused on not allowing my environment stop me from doing something meaningful with my life,” says Frank The Butcher. “This collection represents just that, pushing forward and not subscribing to ‘can’t.’ Eat What You Kill is a way of speaking to kids from similar backgrounds; telling them go out and get it.”

The Puma x BAU EWYK collection will release on October 30th exclusively at The PUMA Lab Powered by Foot Locker, Footaction and The PUMA Store locations. Make sure to check out fliks of the collection below as well as the collection video









from BAUEWYK on Vimeo.