If you were old enough to remember the happening of 1992-1993 then you will definitely remember this shoe, if not I introduce to you the Fila FX High. This shoe was EVERYWHERE in 92-93, the time period Fila was the shoe to have. Everyone would rock their FIla Fx’s with the straps hanging off the back. The best colorway to own was the white and black, but any colorway of these would suffice and these kicks definitely didn’t play second fiddle to the Nike Air Force 1’s. These shoes are hard to come by now, as Fila has pretty much abondoned the FX High. Fila blessed us with a retro of these (not in this colorway) in 2003 and that was the last time we saw them. If your on the hunt be sure to go a half size up on these as they tend to run small. Below are pictures from the DeFY. New York Archive, of the white and purple combo, stay tuned for more!