Contrary to what some Jay-z fans might insist, Jay was not the first to do a black album, but credit to Jay, he know’s the right places to look for inspiration. Since the tragic passing of Prince there has been a mad dash to grab all of his beloved music with few albums being as highly coveted as the mysterious Black Album. By now you know the history of the original album being scrapped, the limited edition 1994 re-issue and the european bootlegs that exist – one of which features crystal ball (and themselves that are commanding 50 + on auction sites like eBay.) But the question remains, have you actually listened to it? If not, start here and for all you Vinyl and CD collectors you can cop now through eBay or keep your fingers crossed prices cool down. While this track was also found on Lovesexy it was originally destined for The Black Album. Check it out below for the first time or revisit for the 1000th.