Indie band Walking Shapes latest ‘In The Wake’ has a Coldplay and Modest Mouse vibe that will have you playing the #$%^ out of it and the video, visuals that will keep you glued to your screen. Frontman Nathaniel Hoho says “I feel that Laurent did an excellent job of depicting the lyrics for this song especially playing off the line “new pollution”. Mankind, with our tools and disposable thumbs continue to evolve into incredible beings that are capable of achieving and inventing miraculous things. This is a double edged sword. Many of our advancements are seriously affecting the natural order of our planet. Throw in to the mix religion, money, and conven-ience and we are now making some decisions as a species that are, to say the least, very incon-siderate to all of us. I hope that this video can be a reminder and awakening in some, that we weren’t the beginning and we won’t be the end, but as conscience beings, let’s unify, get a grip, and start nurturing and respecting our planet. We humans need to keep that in check.” Check out the video below and pick up the single on iTunes.