One if not THEE sickest video game accessories ever created. Its also one of the worst functioning game accessories ever created as well. It’s appearance in the movie The Wizard added to its hype but regardless of its appearance it still would have been highly sought after.

I remember the first time I actually used the Power Glove, it was late 1989. A friend of mine received it as a birthday present and I sprinted around the block to try this thing out. The first game I ever used the Power Glove to play was Nintendo’s Pinball. Ok so when I get to my friends house he’s already got the glove on and in action, after a few requests he hands the Glove over to me and the frustration begins. Sure, having this dope looking glove on your hand looked like fun but it soon became a monster headache. The Glove never quite did what you wanted it too and usually made playing a game much more of a pain in the $%%. Between plugging in codes for different games and not being able to fluidly execute certain commands it took all of 10 minutes into my experience with The Power Glove to willfully hand it back over and just stare in awe at its design (which is really where the draw of owning this thing begins and ends). In the market to add one to your collection? Get ready, prices range from $60-200 USD. Check out the original commercial below and the original ad above.