While I’m sure that someone somewhere in this big world of ours was wearing gold fangs before the Wu-Tang Clan there’s no denying, the Wu brought it to a larger stage. In the early to mid 90’s Wu Tang Clan not only brought dope music but dope fashion. Sure, Wu Wear didn’t do as good as some would have projected but everyone remembers Raekwon and his RL Snow Beach Jacket from ‘Can It Be All So Simple’,Method Man sporting the Helly Hanson jacket in ‘All I Need’, and Inspectah Deck sporting the Triple Fat G.O.O.S.E. vest in C.R.E.A.M to name a few. The list of Wu Tang fashion win’s can go on and on but as far as accessories go nothing stands out more than their gold fang fronts. While gold fronts had become a little stale by the mid 90’s gold fangs were a breath of fresh air. Depending on the money you had to spend you could go from plain to damn thats crazy real quick and some did the top row while others did both.

Personally, I didn’t run into to many people with gold fangs during this time period but I always thought they looked dope. Outside the box and in your face thats why their dope. Wanna scare your boss? Show up to your monday meeting with some gold fangs and tell him/her WU TANG! (No really don’t: See when Keeping It Real Goes Wrong Below). Take a trip back to the mid 90’s with members of the Wu and their gold fang fronts above!