This car was and still is BOSS. I can still remember as a kid, a neighbor had the coupe version. The car was dropped in the front and slightly raised in the back giving it an aggressive look. The color was custom (a blend of purple and blue appearing to be almost a blue-slate) all emblems were gold (as was the grill), windows tinted, white mud flaps, gold Daytons with the three ear bolt on cap, vinyl roof top, and the icing on the cake? Boomerang antenna. Simply jaw dropping (keep in mind this was around 1989/1990). I haven’t seen him in years but if I can get a hold of pictures of this beauty I will. Some 20+ years later this car still looks good. The seats are large and comfy and handling is adequate. Prices have increased for these bad boys over the years with the nicest stock examples climbing into the 20k range and most hovering in the 3-6k range. Check out this beautiful automobile below.