Burton has teamed up with the artist, Phil Frost, and G Pen to create a limited edition collaboration that features a selection of pieces and artwork by New York artist Phil Frost. Phil Frost (philfrost.com) creates work that combines the raw, gritty edge of the street with an elegant, painterly aesthetic. Frost first became known in the early 1990s for his involved installations on the streets of New York. His found object constructions and works on canvas are a multi-layered combination of colorful, almost comic-strip portraits and intricate typography overlaid with bold graphic symbols rendered, more often than not, in correction fluid. Words and slogans that are a hybrid of numerous languages, both real and imagined, are layered within the works to create compositions that are spiritual in nature. The collection includes a Tinder Pack, Flight Deck, Double Deck, Board, G Pro Kit and a Big Kettle Kit.  Available Now Via BURTON


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