First time I saw these I said ehhhhhhhhhhh, their ok.   Well friends, its been several months since that first sighting and that “eh” has changed to $%^& them shits are hot!  The Ewing 33 HI All-Star Limited Edition will release on Friday 2/13/15 just in time for All-Star Weekend in NYC in a colorway that’s inspired by the 1990 NBA All-Star Game logo (held in Miami) where Patrick debuted the original 33 HI (peep the logo for that game below)




For the 25th anniversary of the game, Ewing Athletics wanted to do something special and treat the shoe as if Pat was a current player and they were making him a one off PE to wear in the game.  What we get is a limited release (not available at all accounts) complete with glow in the dark stars on the toe box (to represent the All-Stars), a light sand colored midsole,clear ice blue sole (to represent the beach and ocean in Miami) as well as an upper made completely out of suede. Retail is $120 and retailers will carry sizes 5-13  (larger sizes will be available on


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