Crooked Tongues has been around longer than some shoe heads have been on this earth. With inspiration for their name coming by way of the Nike Air Max Plus’s tongue never staying straight when worn, this site is engrained in all things footwear.  I remember discovering Crooked Tongues around 2000/2001 and like many early sites that weren’t a major chain, they carried rare vintage sneakers.  The sites founders were super knowledgeable on all things sneakers and eventually a reputable forum would pop up.  From there came collaborations with brands like Puma and New Balance with founding members Like Chris Law moving on to high positions at major brands.  Eventually the site abandoned the forum and became strictly an online destination for some of the best new releases on the net.  All seemed good until recently.   It seems as though a lot of complaints have been coming through about individuals not receiving orders for nearly a month.  Add to the fact that they are having a sale of nearly 80% off everything on their site and talk that they never placed any new orders with their distributor and well, things aren’t looking good.  While this is just speculation at this point it would be a shame if one of the premier destinations on the net and one of the pioneering sneaker sites ceases to exist.  Stay tuned as more info is available.


UPDATE:  It is official, after 15 years and countless memories one of the greatest sneakers sites EVER is closing its doors for good.  Whether or not its permanent is anyones guess but for now it truly is.  Check out the screen shot from the site below.