If you’re a fan of Clarks, then you know that these gems were re-released not to long ago.  If you you’ve never heard of the Polyveldt shoe then well, lets bring you up to speed.   The Polyveldt sole was designed to be extremely durable having outlasted leather, rubber and crepe (during tests in 1970’s).   The sole is light weight (I think you Wallabees fans can appreciate that), has solid grip on all sorts of surfaces (such as wood, stone, tile, concrete etc.) and acts as a shock absorber keeping your feet cushioned even through unevenness on the surface.  Add to the fact that the sole also prevents uneven wear (how many times have your Wallees leaned on the heel) and well you had one great sole.  Still, the awesome specs didn’t end there.   This shoe was made of high quality leather and fully treated and prepared by experts in leathercraft before it could even qualify for the Polyveldt.  The retro dropped back in 2010 and is now pretty difficult to come by but as always we wouldn’t be surprised to see them return again in the near future.  Check out this classic shoe below!


clarks polyveldt