For some reason its ok for sneaker brands to re issue models from their archive over and over again, but for clothing lines it seems like something that’s all but ignored, like there’s some sort of unwritten law that says you can’t re-issue an article of clothing or collection from your archive. Now I’m not talking polo’s that are issued every year or box logo’s from Supreme (or anything Supreme for that matter), I’m talking the likes of P Wings, OG Hilfiger Rugby’s and Nautica Competition. Yea, you had RL bring back the Polo Bear, but for the most part the archives are left in the vault. Which brings us to DKNY. For fall of 2014 DKNY and Opening ceremony might be setting the stage for some retro gear from other labels to return (sort of how Ewing Athletics return had everyone re-signing their oldschool big men to bring back their ultra bulky high tops) by teaming up with New York stylist Jay Massacret and Opening Ceremony founder Humberto to hand-pick styles from DKNY’s storied archives and then recreating the pieces for a modern, urban look (aka, bringing back 90’s looks and cuts and making them look Hood By Air-ish (which, in the grand scheme of things looks a lot like every casual brand from the very early 90’s)). Still, Silver puffers, DKNY Athletics, Baggy Sweats; the collection is DOPE. Check out fliks from the collection below and pick up the collection now at OPENINGCEREMONY.

dkny 11

dkny 3

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dkny 9

dkny 10

dkny 2

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