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Ok, your collection is stocked with all types of dope Nike’s and Adidas but how many people do you know own a pair of Huggies Sneakers? Yea, you heard right. From the same company that makes diapers came a pair of promotional sneakers that look an awful lot like Jeremy Scott Wings. First a little background. While mainly known for their diapers, Huggies had a small line of sneakers for a short period of time in the 80’s/90’s.

huggies sneakers 1

huggies sneakers 3

huggies sneakers 5


Then in 2009, the company was looking to promote their little movers diapers which were designed to allow babies to move faster and freer. To do this “the brand sent out full-sized running and “parenting shoes” along with an informational booklet asking, “Have we made babies too fast?” The packages were sent to 500 people (which consisted of influencer’s and celebrity parents) from June to November of that year. Get your obscurity fix below and this pair to your eBay search alert.