Sneaker culture is big, real big. Over the years the love for footwear has spread and even spilled into other industries (remember Sole Collector’s Sole Bar?). Well Deadstock Coffee and Gallery is on a mission to become the world’s first sneaker-themed coffee shop and gallery space, with your help of course. Headed by a team that includes Ian Williams (a footwear developer at Nike for the last five years), Ben Nethongkome (three years in Nike’s Innovation dept), Alex Fotenos (a manager at New Seasons Market) and an advisory board that includes one if not thee greatest footwear designer of all time, Tinker Hatfield. For more info or to get involved check out their video below and then head on over to the Deadstock Sneaker Gallery And Coffee Kickstarter page.

DEADSTOCK Coffee and Sneaker Gallery – Kickstarter Video from Greater Than Good on Vimeo.