Break out the tissues. To pay respect or #RE2PECT to legendary Yankee Derek Jeter’s retirement, Brand Jordan put together what will go down as one of the greatest commercials/TV spots of all time. The year was 1999 when Derek Jeter Joined the Brand Jordan family having just left FILA and since then has proved to be nearly as iconic as the brands owner, Michael Jordan.


Everyone from Michael Jordan himself to Action Bronson (yes Bronson), Mayor Giuliani, Billy Crystal, Jay-Z, Spike Lee, The NYPD, FDNY and more made cameo’s to pay their respect. In a league filled with steroid controversy Jeter came out clean having a career that included 5 world championships and 5 Golden Gloves. He showed up to work did his job and became one of the greats. He was the best player on the greatest baseball team in the best city on earth. Brand Jordan knocked this one out of the park, check it out below