Every great shoe gets the knockoff treatment at one point or another with some being blatant copies and others “inspired” designs. USA Olympics (a department store brand known for its commercially released middle finger to the big brand lower priced semi copies) has done this to everyone from Adidas to Nike. Well, in 1992 Reebok was coming with the streetball heat in the form of the blacktop line and included in that line was the Boulevard (a midrange shoe that saw a lot of love in 92). What came next was a borderline infringing inspired design that featured part of Reebok’s famous vector logo and many of the design elements that embodied the Boulevard. USA Olympics shoe retailed at 44.00 USD (31.00 less than the original boulevard) and featured garment leather, padded collar and tongue, rubber outsole and a brushed nylon sock liner. Now, had they only gone the Bape route maybe dudes would be sweating vintage USA Olympic sneakers……………..