Well folks, 2014 looks to be an amazing year for retro releases especially from Nike. While Nike is notorious for screwing up color blocking, missing key details and straight up showing no love for certain OG colorways this year looks to change all of that. For one, later this year we are getting a Nike Command Force Pump retro that looks nearly dead on to the original and with a functional pump. For June we’re supposed to get a Scream Green Huarache LE and now we’re getting an colorway of the Tech Challenge II that no one saw coming. This was an original colorway that was pretty difficult to come by over the years. If you follow the site you’ll remember my wearable pair of original Nike Tech Challenge II’s (and check out that matching shirt). Now that the shoes will be back maybe down the line we’ll see the matching gear. No word on availability but they are scheduled to be a quick strike release so start plotting your moves now.