For PART 4 we took a look back at Johns Swoosh Page and his inspiring cross country running as well as his dedication to the running community. For part 5? For Part 5 we are looking back at a another site that was a frequent stop around the early days of Internet sneaker culture.Titled Air Pippen 18, this was a dope site from the late 90’s into the 2000’s that featured  everything from performance and quality reviews

pippen 18


to features on players like Allen Iverson and Jayson Williams (everything from their bio’s to photo’s, clips of them doing what they do best) and


jason williams air pippen 18

like many sites from the day, a message board where fans of the site could share the latest eBay sneaker auctions or ask for help in tracking down a sought after pair of kicks.

air pippen 18 message board

Aside from the aforementioned content, the real gold however, was in the photos of rare sneakers, advertisements, catalog scans and short video/audio clips .  This site had photo’s of the latest shoe releases as well as scans from magazines like Eastbay and Slam and a boat load of video and audio of your favorite players from the day.







airpippen18 cb and air pillar

airpippen18 max

airpippen18 zoom bug



You could lose yourself for a while as true passion for footwear and basketball came through on just about every page of the site. Air Pippen 18 would go on to evolve into

airpippen 18 555

but that site didn’t make it out of the mid 2000’s and what we’re left with today are memories of yet another gem lost to time. Attempts to track down the founder or founders of this site have been un-successful but there’s no denying Air Pippen 18’s place in sneaker culture history.