Here we are again folks. Join me today as I revisit another in a string of websites that helped birth what we recognize today as sneaker culture. For part 3 we took a look back at Mark Halstead’s Al Bundy Society today we re-visit John’s Swoosh Page.

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This site wasn’t as big as some of the others but it was a definite stop on your trip through the Internets sneaker world around the very late 90’s/early 2000’s. The site offered valuable info and provided some decent visuals in the advert department as well as a chat room (which I never actually experienced).

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Like many sites during that time period there were a ton of phone numbers to Nike corporate as well as the locations of just about every factory outlet store at the time. Wanted to submit your resume for a job at Nike? Johns’ Swoosh page had you covered. Sure, there weren’t hundreds of images of a massive collection of rare sneakers featured on the site (he had one)

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nor were there an over abundance of leaked photo’s of the latest shoes.  Still, Johns passion shined through and at the time John hoped to one day work for Nike. His full name was John H. Wallace III and in addition to running Johns Swoosh page he was also a hardcore runner.  In 2004 John went all Forest Gump on that %^$ and ran across America partially funding this voyage by selling his prized collection on eBay.  From September 26, 2004 to January 27, 2005 he clocked in over 3800+ miles. His last website SEEJOHNRUN documented his journey across the states and includes photo’s and video where you can revisit his crazy journey.

see john run

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Fast forward to today and John is currently working at Fleet Feet Sports Seattle as the inventory and budget guy.  “Anything running, computers, and numbers related and you’ll find me” John replied when I reached out to him.

“Yes, I ran across America from 9/26/04-1/27/05 and attempted to set the fastest record on 10/10/10. ”  In addition to his day job he also currently maintains the USA Crossers website for anyone and everyone that has crossed America on foot and is heavily involved with his local running club – Seattle Running Club. ” I  Serve as treasurer and do a lot of volunteering and behind the scenes stuff for our races we host.  I’m still running everyday and have the 2nd longest streak in Washington.  I’ll hit 9000 days in August and 25 years on 12/31 with lots of those days in Nikes but more recently (last 8 years or so) Brooks.”

From vintage Nike ads to runs across America we are left with memories of this historic site that was one of many that helped pave the way for our sick obsession with Nike footwear as well as the inspiration of a shoehead that has achieved incredible goals and continues to one up himself daily. If you remember John’s Swoosh Page make sure and drop a comment below to share your memories!

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