British Knights is back…..again. Original owners Jack Schwartz Shoes Inc has linked up with another team for a rebrand that includes designer and artist Darren Romanelli (“DRx”) (who serves as creative director) and Scooter Braun (an individual that owns two record labels and represents Justin Bieber) for the return of a brand with roots permanently embedded in sneaker history. For those that don’t know, the company has lived on overseas but the U.S. has been BK deficient having only seen two brief returns in the United States. The first was around 2002/03 where a few models saw some decent distribution (everywhere from Footlocker to your local mom and pop shop) (atleast in New York)) and only one or two really sought after classic models. The second return seemed to be almost exclusively online through and and this time we received some of the more soughtafter late 80’s designs. For British Knights third return to the US market, its all about Dymacels. In the early 90’s it seemed like anyone who was anyone had an athlete endorser and that included BK. The mainly fashion oriented brand took a dive into the highly competitive performance basketball shoe market on the back of the then number one draft pick Derrick Coleman and his Dymacel Sneakers. While Dymacel didn’t have the longevity of other tech like Nike Air or Reebok’s Pump, there’s always been a certain void for these classics. Well, come march 15th you’ll be able to fill that void and relive that special moment in time as the Dymacel will once again return to the following shops:Nice Kicks Shop, Kith, The Webster Miami, Wish, UNKNWN, Next, Bait, Social Status, Burn Rubber, Oneness and Social Status. In the meantime check out one of the original commercials below and keep your fingers crossed for some OG colorways. Via NiceKicks