Image Via Premier
When the first Tiffany Dunk released back in 2005 we were all game, for the release of the Hi top version ehhhhhhhhhhhh, I dunno. Its not that they don’t look good (they do) but something about being a low top just makes this shoe look so much better. That aside, these will sell much faster than they did 8 years ago for a few reasons. One, the last release was 8 years ago so those that didn’t even know they existed when they released and found out within the last couple of years only to get some serious sticker shock this is their opportunity to buy them for a reasonable price. Two, Sneaker culture is so much bigger than it was in 2005 and thus you will have more people to compete with. Third, those dudes that have the low’s beat up from actually skating in them their salty right now (some of those dudes anyway) and they will want a fresh pair. Last, the fact that Flight Club has a pair of the lows up for sale right now at $1300.00 USD tells you the resale on this shoe could get serious. So, in conclusion, if you really want them and don’t want to pay re-seller prices then its time to call in that favor.