Some shoes age like fine wine, in the case of the Tech Challenge II they’ve aged, and aged, and aged and then had its design incorporated into one of the most hyped up shoes of all time (the Nike Air Yeezy 2) and well, now people care. Welcome to the shoe game the past couple of years. The Tech Challenge II (originally released back in 1990 and retro’d for the first time in 2008) featured a silhouette that somewhat resembled the Nike Air Jordan IV. Its first return was welcomed by OG’s and those for a good eye for vintage footwear and shunned by the masses until they went on sale. In 2012 Nike used the midsole of the Tech Challenge II for the Nike Yeezy 2 and like a lot of things that are recycled these days, some people thought that the Tech Challenge II actually used the Yeezy midsole and not the other way around………………..Anyhow, in late 2013 two very limited releases of the Tech Challenge II showed up at random following the re-signing of Andre Agassi. Catalog scans of future colorway’s started showing up on the forums and well, here we are for 2014. The Nike Tech Challenge II 3/4 gets a new colorway named Poison Green. Following the same color blocking as the originals its a welcome break from the typical constant need to #$%^% up a classic by going against color blocking that already works. There’s no release date posted yet but expect these sometime in the spring.

Via Madsolar eBay