The premier edition pump was revolutionary to the shoe industry, so much so that its still going strong today. In 1989 three colorway’s of this very expensive sneaker made it to market for the general public, colorway’s that most of us are familiar with. They include: black/white, white/black, and white/blue. Ok, then you have the lesser known colorway’s that never made it to market (at least I don’t remember them in stores). You have the white/green (which shows up in this ad but don’t remember them making it to market), the Loyola Marymount colorway and then this white purple version that just showed up on eBay. While a relatively straight forward simple colorway it looks good real good. You also have to love the fact that Reebok didn’t feel it was necessary to make the pump purple (something I can almost guarantee you would happen today). For more views of these rare gems check them out below and head on over to eBay if your looking to pick them up.